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30.12.2016       Young people from Smolensk visiting the Kremlin Christmas tree party

More than five thousand boys and girls from across the country were invited to Moscow to participate in a wonderful celebration – the All-Russian Kremlin Christmas tree party. 28 young Smolensk residents - excellent pupils, winners of various competitions and Olympiads in academic subjects, children from large families, students of the Shatalovo Orphanage and the "Gnezdyshko" Orphanage took part in the bright New Year's celebration.

27.12.2016       Alexey Ostrovskiy attended a meeting of the State Council on ecology

Russian President Vladimir Putin held in the Kremlin a meeting of the State Council on the Ecological Development of the Russian Federation in the interests of Future Generations. The meeting was attended by Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy.

20.12.2016       Smolensk hosted an investment forum

Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy participated in the forum "The development of the investment and business climate in Smolensk region: the situation analysis, search for opportunities and growth points". The main purpose of the forum is to analyze the most relevant problematic issues the region is facing in terms of development of the investment and business climate and together with federal and regional experts and business community to work out effective approaches to the successful development in the future.


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