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Administration of Smolensk region


28.09.2017       Smolensk delegation will take part in the international forum "Russian Energy Week"

On the task of Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy, the delegation of Smolensk region, comprised of the heads and staff of the Energy, Energy Efficiency and Tariff Policy Department, will participate in the International Energy Efficiency and Development Forum "Russian Energy Week", which will be held in Moscow from 3 to 7 October.

27.09.2017       A working meeting of Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy with the representatives of the Japanese business community

Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy held a working meeting in which the heads of major Japanese companies - Yukio Tamm, Director General of Hokkaido Corporation, and Kimbar Masaki, a representative of JF Engineering, took part. The parties discussed the prospects of cooperation in the field of agriculture, as well as opportunities of attracting Japanese investments and technology to the economy of Smolensk region.

25.09.2017       The best Multifunctional Center in Smolensk region

The results of the annual contest "The Best Multifunctional Center (MFC) of Smolensk Region" were announced. The award ceremony took place in the Administration of the region.


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