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Administration of Smolensk region


14.10.2016       The Governor’s working meeting with the Internal Affairs Ministry leaders

The Police Major-General Vasily Salyutin was appointed the Head of the Internal Affairs Ministry of Smolensk region by Presidential Decree №530 of October 6, 2016.

13.10.2016       The participants of the Olympic Games were celebrated in Smolensk

The Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy attended the ceremony of honoring the athletes who participated in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The ceremony was held in the Smolensk State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism(SGAFKST), in which the athletes are studying.

12.10.2016       The competition to study at the Presidential Program of Management Training was announced in Smolensk

Smolensk regional commission on the organization of management training informed about the beginning of the competitive selection of specialists to be trained in the 2016/2017 academic year within the framework of the National Plan of management training for the national economy of the Russian Federation at the President's program.


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