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Administration of Smolensk region


31.01.2017       Alexander Beglov and Alexey Ostrovskiy discussed the implementation of the Presidential May decrees in Smolensk region

There was a working meeting of Alexander Beglov, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian Federation President in the Central Federal District, and Alexey Ostrovskiy, Smolensk region Governor, in which they discussed the implementation of the strategic initiatives of the President of Russia in the region, including the implementation of the May Decrees, orders and directives.

27.01.2017       Smolensk region residents can enroll a child in a school via the Internet

Starting this year, the residents of the region can apply to enroll their child in a general education institution through a public services portal ( The main condition is to have a confirmed account on the portal.

23.01.2017       The multifunctional centers of Smolensk region sum up their performance in 2016

In Smolensk region, the requirement of the May Decree of the President of Russia to ensure the citizens’ access to public and municipal services on the principle of "one window" covering the population of not less than 90% has been fully met. At the end of 2016, this indicator in the region reached 99%, which is almost 5% higher than the nationwide results.


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