The local Government system

The Russian Federation is a democratic state with republican form of governing. The power in the country is divided into three branches: executive, judicial and legislative. The legislative power belongs to the Government of the Russian Federation, judicial belongs to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, and legislative power belongs to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Supreme Court and Supreme Arbitrate of the Russian Federation. The President of the Russian Federation is the guarantor for the observance of rights and liberties of citizens and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The federal system of Russia is based on its state integrity, unity of the state power, division of the objects of authority and plenary powers between the organs of power of the Russian Federation and the subjects of the Russian Federation power. The Russian Federation unites 89 subjects.

Smolensk region is an equal subject of the Russian Federation.

The system of state power organs of Smolensk regionis represented by the legislative (representative) organ of Smolensk region state power - Smolensk region Duma; the supreme executive organ of the state power of Smolensk region - the Administration of Smolensk region, headed by the supreme authority of Smolensk region - the Governor of Smolensk region and Justices of the Peace.

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