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24.05.2019       Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy visited “Yulla” knitwear factory

Smolensk, May 24, Alexey Ostrovskiy, the Governor of Smolensk region, visited the “Yulla” knitwear factory in Smolensk on the eve of the Entrepreneur’s Day, where he discussed the prospects for further development of the production with the Company’s management and gave instructions to provide “Yulla” with the necessary support.

The Smolensk factory is one of the three sites of the Company, the other two operate in Yartsevo and in Smolensk too. The company employs about 80 people and produces clothes for children - from newborns to 12-year-old boys and girls.

Yulia Nenakhova, the head of the Company, admitted that although the products of the Smolensk factory are sold round the country, in Belarus and Kazakhstan, the brand has difficulties with entering the federal retail chains.

Alexey Ostrovskiy entrusted Anton Afonychev, the head of the Industry and Commerce Department of Smolensk region, with the task to help the Company to enter new sales markets:

“Engage me if it is necessary. Some of the problems may be solved through the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In a month, I would like to get a memo from the supervising deputy on what has been done specifically for this enterprise in respect of its entry into federal networks. What has been done, what has not been done and why, and what I personally can do, if at your level, Anton Aleksandrovich, or at the level of the supervising deputy, it won’t not be possible to resolve this issue.”

The Company's founder and manager spoke about another “Yulla”’s unsolved problem:

“We have realized that the premises we have at our disposal today are already too small for our production volumes. Initially, we planned that the warehouses of finished products at this site would be only on the first floor, but then the model line expanded, and a half of the sewing workshop had to be made into a warehouse. Of course, we want and are ready to increase our production capacity.”

Smolensk Governor explained how this problem can be solved:

Yulia Petrovna, please, prepare the information on what you need to expand the premises, make a technical task, and we, the relevant department, will try to look into this issue. In addition, we are ready to provide other assistance to you, for example, to help you to get the lease of the necessary equipment on special terms or get a loan at a low interest rate or a loan guarantee through the regional entrepreneurship support fund.”

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