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27.08.2019       The ceremony of handing out car keys to the Complex Centers of Social Services

On August 26, Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy handed out car keys to drivers of the Regional Centers of Social Services in the central square of Smolensk.

New cars were purchased as part of the implementation in Smolensk region of the regional project “Development and implementation of a program of systematic support and improving the quality of life of senior citizens”, which is part of the federal project “Senior Generation” of the national project “Demography”.

The regional project "Development and implementation of systematic support and improving the quality of life of senior citizens" has been implemented in our region since 2019. It is interdepartmental project and is aimed at creating by 2024 the conditions for active, long, and high-quality life of elderly citizens and motivating people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

On the task of the Head of the region, the relevant department purchased 20 vehicles, five of which are designed for transporting wheelchair users. The vehicles will be primarily used for transporting people older than 65 years living in rural areas to have a medical examination. The institutions of Smolensk, Yershichy, Novodugino Sychevska, Pochink, Dukhovshchina, Roslavl, Monastyrshchina, Gagarin, Safonovo, Shumyachy, Demidov, Elninya, Dorogobuzh, Velizh, Vyazema, Kardymovo, Khislavichy Districts received such cars.

In his greeting speech, with which Governor Alexey Ostrovskiy addressed the participants of the ceremony, the Head of the region pointed out that this significant event taking place today clearly indicates that the state takes real care of elderly people and systematically supports and improves quality of life of the older generation.

“This goal was set by the President of our country Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and to achieve it, the federal project “The Elder Generation” and the corresponding regional project were developed within the framework of the national project “Demography”. First of all, it is aimed at improving the socio-economic status and quality of life of the Smolensk older generation, and today more than 250 thousand elderly people live in the region, and about 50 thousand live in rural areas,” said Alexey Ostrovskiy.

The Governor further indicated that the regional project is focused on improving medical care for older people through monitoring their health status as part of the additional screenings for identifying socially significant non-communicable diseases. So, on the task of the Head of the region, these 20 vehicles were purchased, including those with a lifting mechanism for wheelchair users, which will allow to transport older citizens living in the village to medical organizations for screening with speed and comfort. 20 mobile teams have been created to perform this work, and, starting in September, it will be possible to pass screenings when it is necessary.

“The elderly Smolensk region residents deserve it for their conscientious and responsible work for the good of their native land. Now our task is to provide them with the opportunity to receive the necessary, and, what is extremely important, high-quality medical and social care. The implementation of the national projects initiated by the Head of State fully contributes to this,” the Governor summed up.

In her turn, Tatyana Nochevkina, Director of the Demidov Complex Center for Social Services, noted that much more Smolensk residents could be helped with new cars. These cars will be a great help for providing medical assistance to elderly people living in the countryside.

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