Touristic guidebook

The region is rich in historical and cultural monuments, which number about 400.000. Among the archeological monuments the most famous are the Gnezdovski Barrows, the monuments of architecture of pre-Mongol period – the churches of XII century of Michael the Archangel and of Saints Peter and Paul. One of the earliest and rear Russian architectural monuments, having the greatest value, is the church of St. John the Baptist. The Smolensk fortress wall is the greatest achievement of Russian ancient architecture and military engineering art of the end of XVI century and the peak of the architectural art of the Russian architect Fyodor Kon. To the unique monuments of XVIII century belongs the Cathedral of the Assumption. There have been preserved some of the gentry’s country estates.

The Smolensk land is closely connected with Russian military history. Here a great number of monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War of 1812 has been preserved.

A cultural centre, created at the end of XIX and the beginning of XX century by a well-known public figure, collector and artist the Princess M.K.Tenisheva, is located in the village of Talashkino. At different time it was visited by I.Repin, A.Benois, M.Vrubel, N.Reorich, I. Stravinsky.

The region has a widely spread net of museums. One of them, is the unique museum-estate of A.S. Griboedov in the village of Khmelita, having one of the largest territories in Russia. Among the most valuable ones are the village of Gorodok – the birth place of Admiral P.S.Nakhimov, museum-estate of M.I.Glinka in the village of Novospasskoye,the memorial museum of Y.A.Gagarin, the memorial museum of M.V.Isakovsky in the town of Vskhody in Ugransky rayon.

There is a great number of old estates on the territory of the oblast. The family estates of M.V.Glinka and A.S.Griboedov have been restored, a lot of guests visit the historical-architectural complex “Teremok” (the estate of M.K.Tenisheva), the home-museum of N.M.Przhevalsky.

The Smolensk oblast owns a unique natural-recreational potential. On the territory of the oblast there have been created the national park “Smolenskoye poozerie”, which is notable for a large number of lakes and untouched areas of fir-and-deciduous forests. The creation of the park gave rise to the development of organized ecological tourism, enjoying popularity both with Russian and foreign guests.

Excursion and tourist routs are served by tourist agencies, among them are SGOUP “Gorod-Klyuch”, OOO firm “Smolensk-tourist”, OJC “Intourist-Smolensk”, The Smolensk Center of youth tourism “Sputnik” and many others.


  • Tourist complex “Russia”*** - 214000, Smolensk, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, d. 23/2. tel. (4812) 65-59-70, fax 65-52-01
  • Hotel "Tsentralnaya" - 214000, Smolensk, ul. Lenina, d. 2/1. Tel. (4812) 38-36-04, fax 38-41-55
  • Hotel "Smolensk" - 214000, Smolensk, ul. Glinki, d. 11/30. Tel. (4812) 32-68-66 Hotel "Patriot" - 214013, Smolensk, ul. Kirova, d. 22 Tel. (4812) 38-49-36 Hotel "Medlen"-214018, Smolensk, ul.Rumyantseva, d.19. Tel./fax (4812) 55-41-35 Hotel "Uyut" - 214000, Smolensk, ul. Kozlova, d. 3А. Tel. (4812) 38-30-16, fax 38-67-54
  • Hotel "Vostok" - 215010, Smolensk region, Gagarin, ul. Gagarina, d. 48. (48135) 4-14-65
  • Hotel  "Yubileinaya" - 215770,  Smolensk region , Dorogobuzhsky r-n,  p. Verkhnedneprovsky, ul. Komsomolskaya, 31 Tel. (48144) 5-48-03, 5-48-82 Hotel    "Safonovotourist"    -    215700,    Smolensk region ,    Safonovo,    ul. Krasnogvardeyskaya,   d.   17   Tel./fax   (48142)   4-39-72,   2-27-38.   Email:
  • Hotel "Vyazma" - 215100, Smolensk region , Vyazma, ul. Kosmonavtov, d.4. tel. (48131) 4-14-65, 4-15-72

Health resorts

  • Sanatorium "Krasny bor" - Smolensk, Krasny bor, tel.(4812) 42-10-94, 42-10-09, 42-08-04
  • Sanatorium named after N.М. Przhevalskiy - Smolensk region , Demidovskiy r-n, p. Przhevalskoe, tel. (48147) 4-64-32, 4-65-56, fax 4-66-68
  • Sanatorium "Kristall" – Smolensk region, Smolensky rayon, Zhukovo, tel. (48122) 7-25-40, fax 7-22-10

Tourist camps

  • Healthy camp "Smena" - Smolensk, p. Krasny bor. Tel. (4812)42-08-04.
  • Tourist camp "Khvoynaya" - Smolensk region , Smolensky rayon, Zhukovo, Tel. (48122) 7-22-35, 7-25-83
  • Tourist   complex   "Sokolya   gora"   –   Smolensk region,   Smolensky   r-n, Mitino. Tel. (48122) 7-34-98, fax 7-34-60
  • Tourist complex "Smolensksokoltur" – Smolensk region, Smolensky rayon, Mitino. Tel. (48122) 7-34-68, 7-34-67
  • Tourist camp "Baklanovo" – Smolensk region, Demidovskiy r-n, tourist camp "Baklanovo". Tel.(48147) 4-31-74
  • Healthy centre "Prudok" - Smolensk region, Roslavl, ul. Michurina, d. 202. Tel. (48134) 4-13-62, 4-67-95, 5-15-57
  • Holiday house «Koleso»-Roslavlskoe sh.60А. Tel. (4812) 26-04-03

Transport Railway stations:

Telephones of information offices Smolensk: (48122) 2-15-20, 9-52-85 Vyazma: (48131) 7-36-72 Gagarin: (48135) 4-17-98 El’naya: (48146) 4-17-95 Roslavl: (48143) 5-22-65

Smolensk air service agency

Ticket sales for all types of transport: (4812) 65-90-72

Bus stations:

Telephones of information offices Smolensk: (48122) 2-09-52 Vyazma: (48131) 7-37-33 Gagarin: (48135) 4-83-20 El’naya: (48146) 4-14-39 Roslavl: (48143) 3-15-18

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